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Drainage & Dirt Work

At WML we understand the importance of a properly draining yard. Our drainage and dirt work services build up dirt around your foundation and grade it away from your home or business. A proper grade insures water flows away from your foundation.

Contact Wichita Mowing & Landscapes today. We’ll come to your home or office, inspect your drainage problems and provide you with a free estimate.

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Grading & Ground Work Services

  • berm construction
  • bury gutters and downspouts
  • reroute drains and spouts into yards
  • French drains (rock drains)
  • build up dirt around your foundation
  • fill in holes in yard and gaps under driveways and sidewalks

Service Areas

WML provides drainage solutions and dirt grading all over Wichita and the surrounding communities. From Newton to Haysville and Andover to Goddard, we’re making Wichita beautiful one property at a time. Contact us today for a free estimate.